About us

Octavian’s mission is to create software that can reason over and understand information as well as a human can.

This often involves neural networks, graphs and coffee.


David Mack

Co-Founder of SketchDeck, a Y-Combinator backed technology startup providing design as a service. MSci Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science from the University of Oxford, BA Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

I love climbing in the Sierra Nevada, trail running, coffee brewing, designing things and solving abstract problems.

Andrew Jefferson

Former VP of Engineering at Tractable, one of London's leading Deep Learning startups. Engineering at Apple, Neo4j. Unfinished PhD in Chemistry, Imperial College London. BA Chemistry from the University of Cambridge.

I am passionate about climate change and the environment. In my spare time I row, hike, camp and code.

Ashwath Kumar Salimath

Summer research fellow

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science - Data Science at Trinity College Dublin. Experienced Research Analyst and a Former Data Analyst at SmartBox Group Dublin. BE Computer Engineering from the University of Pune, India.

I am passionate about teaching and giving back to the society. I love to go for walks and to meditate.


Many people and organizations have helped us get this project off the ground. Thanks to Jennifer Jefferson and Scott Dimond for putting up with our late night calls, Chris Finneral for being an incredibly supportive co-founder, the team at Neo4j for sharing their time and ideas, thanks to our friends and investors for encouraging us along.

A big thanks to SketchDeck for making this brand design possible, and thank you to Alex Castiglia for your beautiful design direction.